1 Corinthian's 13:4 (ESV) says, "Love is patient"...

I have to admit that in my earlier years i was not so patient. Like the rest of society, I wanted things right now. I didn't want to wait. My patience with people was not the best. I often expected perfection out of myself and those around me.  This is not love.

Twenty five years ago today my life changed forever. I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. This was the greatest thing to ever happen to me and the one thing that taught me patience more than anything else in my life.

In team sports my son at a very young age was not quite as competitive as I was in team sports. Yet, I knew that I had to back off and not push him to be like me. I had to allow him to enjoy the sports with the degree of competition he had in himself. When I played high school softball, years ago, I would get very upset if we lost. When my son's team lost, I learned it was always best to encourage and lift them all up. It's not always about winning but, learning how to play as a team and improving along the way, especially at such an early age.

We must be patient with our children and allow them to grow and develop in the sports they have the talents for. We should not push them to play the sports that we what them to play. My favorite sport has always been baseball. My son played T-ball for 2 years but when it came time for the boys to pitch he wanted nothing to do with the game any longer. I had to let it go. His heart was not in the game, so he no longer played baseball.

The thing that was in the back of my mind while my son was growing up was how impressionable he was at this early age. How I reacted to him in his early sports playing years was going to affect him the rest of his life. Children are gifts from God for us to mold, make and love on. They follow our example and do what we do. If we display patience and love, they will learn patience and love. When they grow up and get married and have children, they can follow in our footsteps and show their children the same patience and love they were shown by us.


Vicky Gentry - Administrative Assistant