Life is unstable, with situations and circumstances that will arise in our lives. How do we deal with them? Will we allow what we are going through mess with our emotions until the point we are overwhelmed? We as believers have a remedy and that is praying.

We are going to look at Luke 18:1-8, where Jesus speaks a parable (earthly story with a spiritual meaning) about how men should always pray and not give up. He speaks about an unjust judge that did not honor God or respect man. Also there was a widow, who would come to this unjust judge for him to avenge her from her enemies. Three things I believe this widow did that finally got this unjust judge to grant her request:

1. She was walking by faith: in this unstable life, we have to walk by faith. When things get rough, by faith, we pray to the One that is able to see us through.

2. She was committed: we have to stay committed to our prayer life, for that is how we communicate to our Heavenly Father (Phil 4:6-7). We must always be ready to pray about every situation, for the Heavenly Father will direct us in all things.

3. She was persistent: Jesus always expressed to the disciples, in so many words, "don't give up". In our faith journey, we need to focus on the purpose. That purpose is that our prayers are effective, because they are affecting people and things.

Prayer is important in a believer’s life.  It should be continual. It is a two way communication line. Don't do all the talking, but allow the Heavenly Father to speak into your life, for you will see results!


Rob Dothard – Chaplain Lord’s Gym Queensgate