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Be Prepared...Trouble is Coming

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Trouble is brewing...somewhere. How do I know? It is a fallen and rebellious world so it comes with the territory. Trouble comes in many forms, sometimes totally unexpected. Bad weather, crime, disease, know the possibilities. So how does one prepare?

It is prudent and practical to physically prepare for some common troubles that may come our way. We can do the simple common sense things like have matches, candles, flashlights and batteries in preparation for the loss of electricity. We can stock up on food...for those times the grocery store may be inaccessible for a myriad of reasons. A battery operated radio can be handy. We can have on hand basic tools. There are all kinds of websites that give practical tips on surviving a crisis...just do a google search.

How does one prepare emotionally and spiritually? The kind of person that people rally around during a crisis is a person with a great moral character and a calm and deep confidence. I believe that this kind of character and steadfastness can only truly come through an abiding friendship with the Lord of lords.

We tend to emulate the character of those we spend time with. It is a worthy goal to seek the awareness of God and the presence of God throughout our day. Time spent in prayer and meditation on the words of Jesus will surely help form the character of Christ in us. Then as we respond each day to the challenges that come our way with dependence on and guidance from Him we move forward in our preparation for bigger trials. We can thank our Father from above that even our moments of weakness are fertile ground for important lessons in our training if we humbly submit to His corrective hand.

In this crazy surreal time that we live, I am choosing to move forward in the pursuit of the character of Christ in my life. I'm seeking to grab hold of the fruit of the Spirit promised to His, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

So whether my trouble is a flat tire or something more ominous I'm making spiritual provisions. How about you?


Bob Clarke - Director of Ministry Operations

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