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Church in Uganda

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A Message from Dick Taylor-

It is difficult to express the many feelings from my first week in Uganda. Pastor Oyako, his family and his co-workers have been extremely gracious.  Meals are a celebration!  Certainly just when guests are there. But many items and prepared with love.
Church services and other meetings show the enthusiasm and zeal they have for God.  And Pastor Oyako's ministry Revival Time Ministries is having m...ajor impact on some very poor and needy rural communities.  Particularly impressive have been 1) The Blind Village, 2) Micro-credit and Literacy, and Pastor Mentoring & Training.
Here is a photo of a Micro-credit/Literacy gathering.  About 120 people in a remote area.  The excitement and enthusiasm was fantastic.  As were testimonies of women getting income for their large families from projects financed by the program.  Praise God!!

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