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Jesus calls us to become His disciples.  A disciple is a student or learner...and a disciplined one at that.  A disciple has a teacher...and for the Christian the teacher is Jesus.

In a very real sense becoming a Christian (a follower of Christ) is joining a very special school.  This present world is the classroom.  Class is in session 24/7.  You could call this school...the school of discipleship.  We are being educated and trained and prepared for something very special.  We are being made ready to rule and reign with Christ in the age to come.

Everyday there are learning opportunities.  There are assignments and directives and challenges that build character and renew our minds.  Our Teacher is intimately involved in each of His students’ lives.  He conducts group sessions as well as independent assignments based on where we are at.  This Teacher is the Teacher of teachers.  He is a coach and a guidance counselor.

But as in any school, lack of attention can be a problem.  Students may daydream, ignore their studies, be slothful, goof off or skip class.  They may even drop out. 

In the school of Christ...if class is everywhere and all the does one skip class? simply not paying attention to the Teacher. 

I often I have not been a good student.  But the revelation, the realization...that in the school of Christ that class is everywhere, all the time...has brought alive in me a new desire to pay close attention to the Teacher.  This class is an adventure and I don't want to miss any assignments, quizzes or challenges.

Brothers and sisters...class is in session...are you paying attention?



Bob Clarke - Director of Ministry Operations

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