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My wife and I have been ministering to the homeless population for the past 9 years and have learned that there are numerous reasons why a person may become homeless. I can tell you about a woman that was homeless because she gave up when her 17 year old son committed suicide. I can tell you about a man who became homeless recently, after a tractor truck crossed the interstate after falling asleep on the road to kill his 13 year old daughter, his wife, his mother, and his grandma. I can tell you about a wife that became homeless after she came home one day to find her husband hanging dead in her bathroom. I can tell you about a man that became homeless after his family was killed in a house fire after he left for work one day. I can tell you about another man that gave up on life, living under a bridge, after his wife and daughter were run over by a drunk driver. I can show you numerous veterans that are homeless, without legs, and living under a bridge who fought for our nation. I can show you numerous people that struggle with mental illness, whom family and friends wanted nothing to do with after they were released from the mental institution and had nowhere to go but under a bridge somewhere. I can show you numerous teenagers who were released from the foster care system at the age of eighteen with nowhere to go. I can show you numerous senior citizens that are homeless, without social security, without medicare and without a place to go but in the woods or under a bridge.

The next time you see a homeless person, don't be so quick to judge. You have not walked in their shoes and you probably don't know their story.

Jim Turner - Chaplain STORM














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