9:44 a.m. Parade Honoring Carl Lindner, Jr. taken from cincinnati.com

Ten men from the Lord’s Gym gathered at the corner of Liberty and Walnut — the first site of the gym that moved to Washington Park. Among those paying respects to Lindner was Dick Taylor, founder of FOCAS Ministries, parent of the gym.

Men from the Lord's Gym stand at the corner of their original location at Liberty and Walnut to honor Carl Lindner as the hearse carrying his body traveled down Liberty Street Friday morning, October 21, as part of the parade to celebrate Lindner's life.

The men all wore black T-shirts and sweatshirts from the gym. “His pain, your gain,” they read. When the procession passed the men removed their caps and placed them over their hearts as a sign of respect. Taylor said he first met with Lindner in 2000, and over the past 11 years Lindner donated almost $500,000 to the ministry.

Lindner’s donations were primarily a $25,000 annual contribution Taylor used as a matching-grant incentive for other prospective donors.

“He even would stop in a couple of times,” said Taylor, a retired General Electric engineer. “He was most interested in investing in me and my vision for the ministry,” Taylor said.

The ministry uses weight training as a draw for men, many of whom are in substance abuse and alcoholism recovery. The gym offers bible study as part of its weight-lifting sessions.

FOCAS Ministries, which also operates a program in Haiti, was founded in 1986. The gym opened in 1993.