Before Issac pummeled the coast of the US as a Cat 1 hurricane, it stormed across Haiti as a heavy tropical storm inflicting its wrath. Port au Prince sustained heavy flooding, damage, and 24 deaths according to the Miami Herald. FOCAS Haiti sustained damage to the roof of the church in Callebasse; but, we praise God that no one was hurt or killed in the storm's wake. The metal roof was blown off and some trusses may have been damaged, which is all repairable. Sadly, it was the same church that sustained damage from the 2010 earthquake that cracked walls and the corner of the foundation. We are getting estimates, but believe the repairs to be in the $6,000 to $12,000 (US) range. Please pray about this need and if you would be led to give to the repair of the church by going to the" donate now" section on the upper right hand of our home page or sending a check to FOCAS, PO Box 428760 Cincinnati, OH, 45242-8760. Any money received beyond the repair of the roof will be applied toward ongoing earthquake repairs in Callebasse. If you have any questions please contact Scott at 513-621-5300.