Recently I went running in a large park. Walking back to my car I noticed a little girl making quite a fuss with her mother. She was crying rather loudly...I believe because she wasn't ready to leave the park but her parents were. Then I watched as her father stepped into action. He got down in her face and began to speak quietly to her. What he said I don't know...but she calmed down. Then he threw her on his shoulders...and asked her..."do you want me to skip or gallop?" "SKIP" she said gleefully...and off they went with giggles. The Daddy with all the adult authority he carried allowed his little sweetheart to give him direction...because he loved her so and wanted to make her happy.

It was a powerful moment for me. I remembered doing the same kind of things with my three little girls, all grown now. How I delighted in them. I got a little teary eyed. And then it hit me...God delights in me. My Father delights in me.

All week that truth has been brought to my attention again and again.

Sometimes He even lets me call the shots because of His love for me and wants me to be delighted.

"God is so good"...we sing sometimes. Do we really believe it? Does He really delight in us? What a joyful, freeing thought.


Bob Clarke - Director of Ministry Operations