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Great Haiti Trip

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GREAT HAITI TRIP --  I returned to the States from Haiti on March 6 with a small team – me, Don Seela, Rich Herndon and my son Rick.  I am very pleased because we accomplished all of my major goals for the trip, many funded by earthquake relief donations:

  1. At Callebasse, Rick wired the new Interim Clinic and had time to also add wiring to get lights and outlets to the rooms under the church being used as the clinic right now.  The original clinic was badly damaged by the earthquake and then finished with the propane fire.

  2. Great opportunity to meet with Jack Cope, the Nashville Architect who is designing the new permanent clinic for Callebasse.  Don Seela came up with a new approach to building the retaining wall which Jack and his engineering advisor liked that will save many dollars and allow us to start on the wall right away. A real breakthrough!

  3. Don & Rich went to Mont Marre Roseaux and inspected the church/school.  Both ends of the building were badly damaged by the quake, but the ends have been replaced – better than new!

  4. We purchased a one-bag cement mixer to be kept at Callebasse by Pastor Moliere.  This will be much more efficient than the standard mix on the ground technique, but more importantly will provide much stronger cement.

  5. Pastor Moliere and I had an excellent meeting with Gary Juste the head of Contracts at USAID in Haiti. USAID will have extensive reconstruction funding very soon and we received some encouragement and good information on the process.

  6. We hired Elise Nicholas to replace Maxeau as Child Sponsor Coordinator.  He seems to be highly qualified and motivated with very good English.

Praise God for His faithfulness and help!

Dick Taylor
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