Is Haiti Getting a Second Chance?

Posted November 9, 2011 by Scott Bowers

Can you imagine a bad thing yielding positive opportunities? It seems that as Haiti digs out  from their earthquake from Jan of 2010, they are slowly experiencing signs of  rebirth and opportunities. I am seeing signs of growth in the area we are  staying, which is Petionville. Our flight into Haiti was mostly non-Haitian,  suggesting that many were teams from churches, government organizations, and  non-government organizations or NGOs. These teams continue to bring finances  and revitalizing resources to Haiti. During our drive (in the dark) from the  airport to the guesthouse, I was surprised at the newly constructed buildings,  the lights being on in the buildings, and the business of people in the  streets. Best Western is building a new hotel just a few blocks from where we  are staying. (I imagine they are anticipating more influx of help and construction for some time to come since Haiti is not a destination spot for  tourism.) In our area some of the damaged buildings have been torn down, and tent  cities in our area have been reduced as the government resettles people to  other areas. This week Habitat for Humanity, with 450 people, is building 150  small homes in Leogane, near the earthquake’s epicenter. And, the temporary  clinic in Calebasse has been constructed and our team is working on trying to  make it more operational. From talking to our Haitian friends, it seems that  reconstruction money that is being invested in Haiti is coming with oversight  and accountability – something that has been sorely needed. Make no mistake;
the earthquake was devastating and horrible. My glasses are not so rose colored  that I think Haiti has turned a corner – my observations are just on a small  sliver of Haiti. However, as the cliché goes, “dawn still comes in the morning”  and maybe Haiti will experience a new dawn as a result of all of the focused  help. Time will tell! SB

View of FOCAS's  new temporary clinic as seen from inside the old clinic which was completely destroyed by the earthquake in 2010.

Is Haiti Getting a Second Chance