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Life Is Hard in Haiti

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Life is hard in Haiti

Posted  November 16, 2011 by Scott Bowers

One of the most  significant things that happened on this trip occurred in Callebasse as the  construction team was working pulling wire, trimming the temporary clinic, and  clearing rock for the new clinic. It had nothing to do with the frustrations of  construction but with the everyday difficulty of life in Haiti. A  fourteen-year-old boy approached Glen, one of our leaders from the Lord’s Gym  who was part of the Haiti construction team. The boy was distressed and asked  for help and his three other siblings (11 and two 9 year olds). His mother had  just died four days ago and they were hungry. He said his dad had died too, but  later we learned that he had abandoned the family. Two of our FOCAS board  members (trustees) who were with the team – hauling rocks no less – stepped in  to help. Our interpreter, Serge, found out that the kids were living with their  grandmother with no food in the house. From my experience in Haiti, tragedy and  survival are all too common. While Haiti makes the news due to natural  disasters like the earthquake and previous hurricanes, life itself is a  challenge. A parent dies or leaves. Children are abandoned, find an orphanage,  or possibly sold as a restavek (child slavery) if they are not fortunate enough  to be taken in by a grandparent or friend. We visited one orphanage for girls  that provided a safe home for 17 girls. These girls will have a chance. To  learn more about them go to and consider supporting the  orphanage. I know of the person who is behind it and he has a good reputation.  To learn more about the restavek problem go to The  people behind it are very reputable too. If you feel led to get involved I am  sure they would appreciate it. SB

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