It is so important that we are able to not only remember what God has done for our ancestors, but also what God has done for us. We are commanded to not forget and to pass those things down to the generations to come.

In the Old Testament, the people of old would set up a memorial whenever God would do a miracle on their behalf. This memorial would not only remind us of what God has done, but will also help us pass those stories down to the generations to come.

It's sad to say, but America is quickly forgetting our roots and our history because we have failed in accurately passing down our deep Christian inheritance given to us by our ancestors. Christmas is no longer about the birth of Christ and the memorial of the manger has been removed. Good Friday and Easter is no longer about the crucifixion and the empty tomb. The memorial of the cross has been removed from our governments, schools, churches, and our homes. The memorial of the 10 commandments has been removed as well.

The other day I walked into Scott Bower’s office (our Executive Director) and I noticed a big pile of rocks on his office table where he has meetings.  There are names and stories on every rock. Each rock represents how good God has been to our ministry and how God has been faithful to us. Anyone who comes into his office may ask Scott about the pile of rocks and Scott will be able to recount the goodness and the faithfulness of God by walking them through each and every rock.

I believe that Scott has hit the nail on the head and that this is what God wants us all to do for our own lives. I believe we all need to have a very clear memorial of the goodness and faithfulness of God, whether the memorial is a notebook of remembrance, a wall of pictures or a pile of rocks with stories.  This will allow us to not only remember what God has done for us, but to be able to tell the story to generations to come or to anyone who may ask "what does this mean?"


Jim Turner – STORM Chaplain