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Our Right to Disagree

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Did you know what prompted the Pilgrims’ exodus from England?

Bill Federer published, in his Sept 18, 2015 newsletter an excerpt from Dr. Marshall Foster wrote in "A Shining City on a Hill (February 27, 2013):

"Four hundred years ago the conflict between tyranny and liberty was red hot...

When King James died in 1625, his son Charles I ascended to the throne with the arrogance of a Roman emperor. He was the quintessential 'divine right' monarch. He declared martial law and suspended the rights of the individual...

The king's inquisitors at his 'Star Chamber' in the tower of London used torture techniques to 'discover the taxpayer's assets'...

A turning point in public opinion took place on January 30, 1637. Three prisoners were locked down in the pillory in London before a huge crowd...

...These men included a Puritan minister, a Christian writer and Dr. John Bastwick, a physician.

What was their crime? They had written pamphlets disagreeing with the king's religious views. The sheriff began by branding the men with red-hot irons on the forehead with an SL for seditious libel...

The tyranny of the king...finally aroused the Christian sensibilities of the people. They would no longer tolerate burnings or mutilations for matters of conscience on religious views...

The persecutions drove tens of thousands of liberty loving believers to follow the Pilgrims to New England where they laid the foundation for the world's most biblically based nation."

That said, let us be mindful of our rights to publicly disagree, with vigor, and especially mindful of our right to disagree based on our religious freedoms.

Our government, including the high court, has been wrong before those decisions were overturned. One just has to consider the infamous Dred Scott decision and the Kansas/Missouri Pact that sought to continue slavery. Sadly, these decisions were reached after the Northwest Ordinance was created in its attempt to eliminate slavery from the United States expansion eastward.

We’ll continue to disagree, but we must remember it’s our right to express and exercise our disagreements based on our religious freedom.


Scott Bowers – Executive Director

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