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Have you ever pondered on the saying, "God doesn't move when you want Him to, but He is always on time"? As I have pondered on that saying myself, I have come to this conclusion, "He's on time, when we start practicing patience."  In the book of James 1:2, I am paraphrasing, "count it all joy when you go through various trials of life." That statement is made by James for a reason. That reason is for the two things that start in motion in our life as a believer. Those two things are faith and patience.

Faith - In James 1:3, he goes on to say, "the testing of your faith......." Life situations will test your faith. That means you will have to operate in faith, and while you are doing that, patience gets involve. You better believe you will have to be patient!

Patience - Let us continue on in James 1:3-4, paraphrasing, "Let patience work its complete work in you the entire way, so you can be complete, that is not allowing anything in this life to shake you." God wants us to totally depend on Him, in everything. If we do that, we won't need to worry for we know that our Heavenly Father has our back, all the time.

So stay encouraged people of God. He has each and every one of us in His hands and He does have enormous hands that He has put us in!!!

Stay blessed!

Rob Dothard – Chaplain OTR Lord’s Gym


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