I’m feeling led to share what’s on my heart and spirit. It is the word "preparation!” Preparation is defined as, “The state of having been made ready beforehand; readiness.” A couple of things come to mind. That state of having been ready. This implies a spiritual, mental and lastly an emotional state. One being filled with the Holy Spirit is the most important person in the earth. I’m reminded of John 16. Jesus said I must go so that He may come. It is to your advantage that I go. Prepare yourselves for His arrival. There are many things my brothers and sisters that are coming down the pipe that are thrusting us into the days of Noah in which our Lord said would be the wicked canvas before His arrival on the earth. I do not mean to come across gloom and doom but rather relevant and raw. We must prepare our spiritual foundation ...name of the game PREPARATION!   ..stay tuned for part 2.



Larry Spellman