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Racism is an Ideology Not the Truth

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There is global inequality among the human race.  From my perspective, as a black American, I cannot say if it is more or less dominant globally in one particular continent however, it is dominant within our country in very subtle ways. It is propagated through social media’s misuse and abuse for promoting racism.  People are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. The cause of racial inequality is layered with the appearance of good intention based on a biased established system for any given people group. Therefore this question is not easily answered.  To give an adequate answer, for a beginning dialog, understanding must be established.

Racism is a myth as an ideology. Simply put until the perspective of the human race changes, the perception will become the subconscious idea of division that justifies the perceived reality of racial inequality through social and economic status that ultimately reigns supreme in the hearts of people everywhere.  The fullness of the heart produces the reality of men, notice I did not say the truth.  There is a difference between reality and truth. The reality is, we are diverse in color but the truth is we all need air to breath, food to eat, and relationships to understand our worth as human beings, all which are independent of color.

The human race is a species not a host of races.  We are defined by our ability to reproduce according to our kind (species) not color. You’ve never heard of a goat and sheep mating and producing a human baby. Just as goats and sheep are diverse, they are still the same species. Diversity of color, religion, political status, social class or economic standing, does not constitute a different race.  A white man and an Asian woman will still produce a human baby.  In short, a lack of knowledge and a willingness to consider the ideals mentioned keep the notion of racism alive.  To associate color with race as an ideology of multiple races is a misconception.   

I don’t believe focusing on who is against or for racial inequality is significant.  It is more important to focus on what people define racial inequality as because people die for what they believe in.  Ideas are the most powerful thing known to humanity. Humanity has a critical dilemma to deal with. Will one consider his or her ideas to be right or wrong and be willing to let go of bad ideals when necessary?  Humility is the opportunity for change because the act of humbling oneself, is to hear and listen to opposing views with unity in mind.  When these things happen, the influence over caste systems can be addressed without fear spawning hate.  Racial inequality has its web of segregation on several monumental institutions; education, religion, government, entertainment, the arts, media, business, and family life.  When each of these reflects a new perspective on race as being one, peace and equality will win the day.  

Kevin Johnson – Chaplain Covington Lord’s Gym



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