Hi, my name is Raquel Kalton. I'm 35 years old, I have 2 beautiful daughters and I've battled an opiate addiction for 8 years, specifically, and heroin, for 6. Living in active addiction, I met 2 beautiful souls, Pastor James and Sister Letha Turner, who run a homeless ministry called STORM. Because of their love for me, which they showed by clothing me, feeding me and reminding me of this man named Jesus who died for me, all while knowing I was a heroin addict. Because of their love for me, it had always nagged at my heart that maybe Jesus really could love me...if these 2 virtual strangers could!

On July 13, I am 4 months clean!! God has delivered me from addiction, homelessness, prostitution, abuse, mental illness, generational curses, desperation, hopelessness and despair... He has restored relationships with my daughters and my Dad, 3 generations! He is not only transforming my life, but is doing huge things in my children's lives, which in turn is changing people's lives but also my Dad's life, which again, is changing lives!

Now... I still am very active downtown, but instead of contributing negatively, I'm working with STORM outreach to show others there IS hope in Jesus Christ! The Author and Finisher of our faith!! He has taken a simple, nothing, dirty, junkie and transformed her into a new creature with a huge testimony! He did it for me and He can do it for anyone!!