It has occurred to me that I cannot give what I don’t have. I don’t have anything that I did not receive.

Perhaps it is in the continual flow of receiving and giving that we experience the best of life. And the better part is in the giving. After all, it is recorded that Jesus said, “it is better to give”.

This very day many things will flow into my life for my good…all gifts from the One who loves me most. I will have the opportunity to creatively re-gift. All the things that sustain my physical existence…air, water, sunshine…give me moments of life to be given back to God in thoughts and service. The resources I use for self-maintenance, with the right attitude become ways to give back…because if don’t responsibly self maintain…I can become an unnecessary drain on someone else. I can take the gift of time and give a listening ear to someone else. I can take money that's come my way and convert it into numerous options for humanity. Great joy and fun can be found in thinking through and praying about ways to give secretly…which I understand our Father in heaven applauds.

Today is filled with all kinds of re-gifting opportunities.


Bob Clarke - Director of Ministry Operations