We just did our second week of Harvest Hill food outreach and we can chalk it up to the Lord! Harvest Hill, also known as Price Hill, is ripe for harvest.  Our Executive Director Scott Bowers has said, “We have found the best way out of poverty is for the body of Christ to work together crossing denominational, financial, racial and class lines serving and working together.”  We find in John 4:35 “…Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!”

It was a warm evening and the streets were teaming with life.  People were ready for something. They just had no concept of what they needed and who they needed.  The Lord’s Gym Family Activity Center had a plan and a purpose.  We extend the Love of God to the poverty-stricken, hopeless, desperate people of Harvest Hill serving and working for this community in practical and spiritual ways.  This day was a normal chaotic day in the community.  There was a shootout at 3:30 pm two blocks from the gym.  Our Joshua Training kids made their way to the gym in spite of the surrounding chaos, while we were on a lockdown. By 4:00 pm the gym reopened the doors for our kids in Joshua Training. We had twenty kids in attendance.  They were obviously affected by the shootings so, we pressed forward to train, to spiritually pour into these young men.  We fed them to address that physical need that continues to be neglected, and then we spiritually fed them.  The circumstances opened a door to radically address goals and to life coach.  We had three of our young men set goals and two others were able to be coached on life skills in order to set up positive life choices. The thought of continuing in our day when all around you is chaos seems incomprehensive but, for those here on Harvest Hill, it’s a part of life.  Guns, violence, chaos, confusion and lack are part of their life. This looks like:  “…white for harvest!” 

The food outreach was a success that evening as well. Over 125 people were fed; the community responded and came out.  There were children jumping rope, playing games, Christian music across the atmosphere, prayer, the Gospel message was shared, resources extended, life coaching and the presence of God.  One of our families that came shared how they love that the Lord’s Gym came back for another year of service to this community, “You didn’t give up, and you stayed committed to us!” said a grandmother of five. Until the last hamburger bun was handed out and the last plate thrown away, we shared the love of Jesus to this community.

I conclude by encouraging you to read Galatians 6:9.

Be blessed, 


Larry Spellman – Chaplain PH Family Activity Center/Lord’s Gym