Brothers and sisters are we Relevant, Real and Raw specifically are we being mindful that we have turned the corner towards a downward slope to major developments in our city, state and our country? We as the Body of Christ are about to feel the labor pains of Matthew 24 in our city, from my perspective, up here on Harvest Hill. There are unsettling racial tensions, irrational understanding about how to get ahead in their social lifestyles and economical situations. Brothers and sisters there are many people living in Price Hill feeling very discouraged, hopeless frustrated, depressed and suicidal. Believing that their situation will be forever this way and what's the point of trying to press forward?

My response to their reasoning is not to down play their issues but with the help of the Spirit assist them with tearing down some of the strongholds spoken of in 2 Corinthians 10:4. It speaks of pulling down "strongholds" which Paul defined as reasonings, arguments, philosophies, theories, and constructs that exalt themselves against what the Lord says is the Real Truth! In these times we need to give them the Relevant, Real and Raw Wisdom of the Lord. People all over this city regardless of economic or social status are searching for some way to obtain peace because of the anxieties and worries in their lives. We must intercede on their behalf before God via The Holy Spirit following the passage found in James 1:5, “Let’s access heaven for Divine answers for the natural problems that are developing into nightmares.”

I leave you with this encouraging passage, Galatians 6:9!!


Your fellow brother in the fight for souls,

Larry Spellman – Chaplain, Family Activity Center Price Hill