Whenever an evil is done specifically betrayal of a relationship, it can be easy for the one betrayed to justify their pain through the soul tie of emotions. If this goes without remedy bitterness becomes a root that sprouts resentment, disgust, sorrow and the list goes on and on until the one hurt seeks judgment on the person that broke the trust in the relationship.

When this occurs personal justification is as wormwood in the soul and the one seeking justification has traded restoration for revenge. This condition of the heart gives birth to characteristics not of God but of Satan because he is also the accuser of the brotherhood in Christ. Justification is so appealing because it keeps the focus off of having to consider personal flaws of character that need to be changed. Justification is much deeper than passing judgment on a wrong committed, it must become a form of vindication from the clutches of self-righteousness and become interdependent on a vital thriving relationship with God and man. When the motive of the heart seeks justification through restoration and not condemnation, unity is born.

The heart is full of deceit and only God can know it. The fruit of bitterness always produces division. If it is ignored, its power to create false perception and perspective about vital relationships and can sprout anger, resentment, and doubt. Accusation coupled with pride is the final fruit from the heart that will convert a good person or even a born again believer to the subtle nature of the devil. This is why Christ commands us to turn the other cheek and to be quick to forgive or apologize for a wrong done. When this happens humility crushes pride and gives way to redemption and a return of the heart to God.


Kevin Johnson – Chaplain Covington Lord’s Gym