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I think we tend to look back in history at certain people or people groups and criticize them and think, "How could they?"  One of those groups is the Hebrew nation that God led out from under the captivity of Egypt. They were slaves for over 400 years and praying for God to deliver them from their captors. Either we have read the bible or seen the Charlton Heston version of Moses leading his people out of Egypt and into the desert to the foot of Mt. Sinai.

There, God would beckon Moses to the mountain and give him the scoop on how He, God, had brought the Israelites out to “Set them Apart” for Himself and his own glory. Then, God gave His 12 tribes the law of what this behavior was to look like.  In total the Israelites hung out with God for about 2 years learning what it meant to be “Set Apart”. This notion of being “Set Apart” was to be in line with God’s character of Holiness for all nations to see and envy.

We know our friends did not handle the new expectations from God very well as they complained, whined, and began to long for their old way of life in Egypt. As the saying goes, God got them out of Egypt; but, He could not get Egypt out of them. The new changes and lifestyle were too much and they rebelled resulting in God letting them wander the desert 40 years until that generation died off.

Are we any different? I see people come to know Christ or attempt to come off the streets; but, the challenges of adopting a Godly lifestyle or transformed thinking are too overwhelming. The old lifestyle, with its candy-coated sin, lures us back. The good news is that God waits patiently and desires us to return to Him.


Scott Bowers – Executive Director

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