Scott Bowers November 9, 2011

Clearing the terrace - stone by stone!

Without vision the people perish. This statement sounds like some motivational talk, but it’s actually taken from the book of Proverbs. I had the opportunity to speak to about 180 children at the FOCAS school in DuPlan II. Through my interpreter I asked how many of them have dreams? I called on 3 children who responded: doctor, teacher, and engineer. The other kids laughed. I did my best to encourage them by explaining that achieving their vision or dream will take time and many, many years. Isn’t it that way with us? My words would become an object lesson to me upon our return trip to Calebasse where the permanent clinic is being built. There is a vision to see a new and robust facility, with  a clinic, built on a terrace, right next to the destroyed clinic. A U.S. architect and engineer have plans already drafted. A 135’ x 2’ x 16’ foot wall  was put in place earlier this year – stone by stone wrapped in wire mesh. (Simple but effective technology). Our construction team worked along side the Haitian team to clear the terrace. It’s a massive vision and project that will take many people and years to finish – just like those children wanting to accomplish their visions. One rock or step at a time, those three children can achieve their vision with the right people and enough time. Because many of them have sponsors in the US, they can go to school. In FOCAS’ 25 years, we have seen one student make it to become a doctor. I accompanied her on a medical trip on my last visit to Haiti. Visions are very powerful and provide the hope and determination to help us pick up one more stone. With enough persistence, we (with the help of others) find one day that all of the stones have been moved. Who knows, maybe one of these kids will be the next leader and we will have helped them with the heavy lifting to get there! One can hope can’t they? SB