This past Saturday was Valentine's Day, the universal day of the year we declare our love for that special someone. Today's blog features a level of love that is based on commitment and sacrifice for those who try to survive day to day on the streets of Cincinnati. Here is an excerpt from last Monday night's team leader.

"All day long, there were doubtful thoughts. “Surely, you’re going to cancel today. What about the Level 1 and Level 2 Snow Emergencies? It’s only one time … we can miss it one time. Nobody will be there, not even the homeless.” But, the undercurrent of fearless faith hurled us towards that South sidewalk of Washington Park at 6:30 p.m., yes, even on this very challenging Monday night.

We pulled up, and at least ten of our guests were waiting on that curb, standing in 4-5” of snow. Once we started setting up, shoveling the sidewalk and getting the worship music cranking, I looked down the streets … and saw people coming from every direction!!!"

You can read all of it by going to STORMing the Homeless with Love Facebook page, and reading Toes Froze...Yet, Breathless! written by Tony Green.


Scott Bowers - Executive Director