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The Lord's Gym Family Activity Center Impact!

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We are very excited to announce that the Lord's Gym Baseball Training Camp started about three weeks ago. The kids’ ages range from 6-17. We meet at the Lord's Gym every Thursday from 10:30am - 12:45pm.

The Cincinnati Spikes baseball players from Mason, Ohio are coming to teach the kids how to play baseball. But that's not all they are teaching them. They show them how to work together as a group, do problem solving, and to treat all others as equals.

I myself can say I have seen a huge impact on the kids and I’m encouraged with their development. They are being more respectful to themselves and others. They are helping each other out and working as a group. But, most of all, what I have seen in most of these kids is such low self-esteem. But, they are doing things that I did not think they were capable of. Now these kids walk with a new meaning in their life. The parents are even seeing the change. I hear story after story from the proud parents.

These kids have something to look back on and remember, but they also have a role model to go to and that is the Lord's Gym Family Activity Center, which is all a part of God's Plan! 

Keep us in your prayers and thoughts, 

Larry Spellman – Chaplain Family Activity Center


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