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The Prodigals of the World

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I had a humbling God experience this morning in the Lord’s Pantry during their week of prayer and consecration. As I sat quietly listening  to the worship music and in prayer, along with 6 other men from the Lord’s Gym and Pantry, a woman from the streets, Sonya, came into the Pantry. At the first chair she saw, she knelt at the chair managing to fold her small frame of a body between and underneath the plastic lawn chair. She laced her arms on the seat and bowed her head into her folded hands and silently prayed. Honestly, I began to peek and watch her as she occasionally lifted her arms and hands into the air while she prayed. Her eyes were closed, her lips spoke softly, and she appeared to be engaging God with all humility. It’s not that she was distracting or showed fanfare as to say to everyone –“hey, look at me.” In retrospect, I was impressed with her mility before God.

As the song finished and the Lord’s Pantry air was filled with silence, she spoke up and asked Bob Clarke, (Director of Men’s Ministry for FOCAS), if she could pray for us, which she did in a very fractured style of thoughts and phrases. However, it was her simple message that she  transitioned to that hung in the air like a thick fog. (I thought, did God send you in here to share a word? Maybe!) She simply reminded us of the story of the prodigal son and how God loves the prodigals of the world. After reminding us that it’s the prodigals whom God is seeking out, she reminded us that the streets of Over-the-Rhine are full of them. She concluded by praying that God would watch out after them and protect them as He protected her!

As I got up to leave, I thanked her for her prayers and she grabbed onto my hand with both hands. I couldn’t help but notice how tightly  she gripped my hand and drew it to her face. Pastor Rob turned in his Bible and began to read the story of the prodigal son and then prayed as he felt led by God. I stood there, holding Sonya’s hands in mine, and praying in agreement with Pastor Rob. I can’t even recall now what he prayed, but now it was our turn to minister to Sonya – a self-proclaimed former prodigal. Now, I was the one who was humbled.

I think the spirit of God used a person from the streets of Over-the-Rhine to remind us of His love and mission to save the lost.

Thank you for your support that allows The Lord’s Pantry and
Lord’s Gym to remain open and reach out to all who will grace our doors.

In Jesus,

Scott Bowers

Director of Development - FOCAS
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