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Week of Consecation

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This morning, around 10:30 am, I walked into the Lord’s Pantry and Lord’s Gym. The Gym’s lights were out and the curtains to the Pantry were drawn closed. This is perfect I thought. It’s going to be great; and, I was not disappointed.

Walking into the Pantry, worship music was playing, words were being projected on to a screen, prayer cards were available, people could meet with a chaplain, or you could just sit silently in prayer in meditation. While I chose to sit in worship and prayer, my brothers from the neighborhood raised their hands and voice in shouts of praise. Bob Clarke and his staff were fully vested in day 2
of their week of consecration, which he did last year as well.

This first day of summer invites everyone to a week of consecration and continual prayer meeting at the Lord's Gym and Lord's Pantry, 12th and Race Street, from 9am until 5pm. There is designated scripture reading, intercession, meditation and worship times. All styles of worship are respected, so feel free to join us. Also, we offer one-on-one prayer and counseling for those who desire it in the room next door.

You are invited to come and participate. I plan to attend again.


Scott Bowers

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