Why does the Pump N Run matter? You are not just lifting weights and running. You are participating in an event that
involves you in making a difference in the lives of people you will likely never meet.
Read the following which I observed from my office window in the heart of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine. (It’s one of the worst areas concerning drug trafficking and violence.)

The guy was rolling dice in his underwear at 1:45 PM in the afternoon teaching a 4 year old how to roll dice – all while four men and one woman watched sitting on a bench nearby. (I can’t make this up.) The guy kept pulling up his drawers, but every time he bent over to roll his dice, his pants drooped. I pause, and I pray. This is just one of the many scenes I’ve seen from my office window over the last 11 years.

Today, individual buildings in the neighborhood are seeing their share of transformation, but it is the opposite for many of the individual lives in this neighborhood. They need transformation too.

The Lord’s Gym and Nicholas Hoyer SportsCenter reach out to this At-Risk generation of young men and children. Staff and
volunteers understand that it takes creating a common ground and building relationships with people living in the neighborhood.

Later in the day, around 4:30 PM, I look from the back window down onto our basketball courts and playground. I see alumni from the SportsCenter watching and coaching the kids. Our alumni have jobs and one of them has his own children with him. Only 100 yards separate the group teaching dice and the group teaching life skills. Each group has it’s own role models.

When you participate in the Pump N Run, you make a difference in changing lives.