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Giving Tuesday is a nationwide campaign to combat the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday by calling people to give. This is an opportunity to give to the community and empower the ministry of The Lord’s Gym and FOCAS Ministries.


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Note: All funds are targeted according to your giving notes.


Ways to Give

Sacrifice Comforts

Take a step of faith and give out of sacrifice. Decide that you will cut a lunch out every week in the month of December or cut down on the coffee shop lattes. Commit to the change by giving the money on December 2nd, knowing that you have already spent that part of your budget for the month.


Gift Matching

Many Major companies provide employee match giving programs that automatically double your gift. Ask your Human Resources department about a matching gift for the Lord’s Gym/FOCAS Ministries.


Reflect on the Year

This could be a great to day to reflect on your giving throughout the year. Take time on Giving Tuesday to set up a budgeted amount that you could give monthly during the next year. And remember, it isn’t too late to give for this year.