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The Lord’s Gym Family Activity Center (FAC)

"The Family Activity Center is a place kids can go and get their prayer on."


The Lord’s Gym Family Activity Center in Price Hill is designed to attract at-risk youth, and their The Lord's Gym Family Activity Centerparents, to become involved in healthy activities that promote positive life skills at school and at home while nurturing their relationship with God if they choose. Our objectives are to see improved performance in school, respect of authority, and appreciation for other cultures and communities while learning to minimize or avoid destructive situations.

From leading and operating the Nicholas Hoyer SportsCenter for 20 years, before spinning it off, FOCAS Ministries learned that youth are more likely to graduate from high school, go to college or find meaningful employment IF they stay connected to our programs. They are less likely to have a record, get pregnant, or get someone pregnant. They benefit by having a safe place to hang out, build relationships with God, staff, volunteers, and each other while participating in sports and other activities. Helping these children develop positive life skills indirectly benefits the schools they attend and lessens their chances of burdening the judicial system.

The Center collaborates with other organizations to include BLOC Ministries, City Gospel Mission’s Whiz Kid, CityLink, and other organizations that promote sports (i.e. Cincinnati Spikes, Don Jones Wrestling), education, and the arts.

Please consider volunteering for this very high energy and frontlines ministry.