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The Lord’s Gym Street Outreach Ministry (STORM) a.k.a. - The Lord's Pantry

"We love the hell out of people."

Jim Turner

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The Lord’s Gym Street Outreach Ministry (a.k.a. The Lord’s Pantry) is a place for people in Over-The-Rhine and Covington, Ky who live on the streets or live on the “edge” and are just barely making it. We refer to these people as our friends!  Our friends come to hang out and "to tell their story" and receive prayer, evangelism and assistance.  

The Lord's PantryIn effect, the Lord’s Gym Street Outreach Ministry provides a daily safe haven. We strive to provide dignity through serving a meal (light lunch or dinner supplied by the volunteers and local businesses such as JTM and Master Provisions) and fostering relationships with God, staff, volunteers, and each other. It has become a community! As relationships grow, we are able to refer our friends to agencies that can address the uniqueness of their situation such as Jobs Plus Employment Network, Having the Courage to Change, The Exodus Program, Crossroads Health Center, Job Corps, Having the Courage to Change, Teen Challenge, City Gospel Mission overnight, Drop Inn Center, Jobs Corp, Cat House, UC Detox center, Family Solutions, etc.

The Street Outreach Ministry (STORM) also has a mobile outreach effort that serves a meal, alternating between afternoons and evenings, by offering food, drinks, clothing, encouraging words and prayer to some of the tri-states most impoverished communities, reaching out to our friends who live there. Some of these communities include going to those who live under bridges, overpasses, wooded areas, and along the river. Chaplain Brandon Welch leads The Lord’s Gym Street Outreach ministry.

STORM is operational five to six days each week; so, please consider volunteering for this very high energy and frontlines ministry.