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The Lord's Gyms - Dalton & Covington, Ky

The Lord’s Gyms are a weight-lifting, work out, and LONG-TERM discipleship program designed to teach at risk men values and principles that avoid destructive lifestyles while nurturing their relationship with God.

The Lord's Gym CovingtonMore specifically, The Lord's Gyms provide a daily refuge to many "at-risk" men who struggle with addictions, men who have been incarcerated and can't find work, men who struggle with living a destructive lifestyle, and men who are recovering from a destructive lifestyle. Men benefit by forging relationships with God, staff, volunteers, and each other. In the process they are in a physically safe environment; and, they open up to receive positive direction and guidance.  


We have come to understand that life change requires people to walk alongside of other hurting people for a long time.  You too can become one of those who walk with our friends. Our Gyms offer a variety of weight lifting equipment and opportunities for Christian fellowship. Bible studies take place multiple times per day. Because the gyms host hundreds of patrons each month, thousands of people have heard and responded to the gospel of Jesus. Discipleship occurs daily as a way of life between our chaplains and willing members.


For most, it offers stability and a safe place to vent out the physical stress of daily life. In some cases men benefit as they are referred to other collaborating organizations such as Exodus, Jobs Plus Employment Network, or CityLink

We have seen God help men overcome their addiction problems and resist destructive lifestyles. Bible study and participation is not a requirement for membership, which is currently $10.00 year. They are open 5 days a week in Dalton, led by Chaplain Kevin Johnson, and Covington, Ky, led by James Duncan.

Please consider volunteering for this ministry.

The Lord's Gym - Dalton

The Lord's Gym - Covington